New Marketing Manager at CLINARIS

2022-05-19T10:22:44+02:0019. May 2022|

"The modern hospital is smart and relies on innovative digital solutions," says Tamara Greiner about her personal vision for the healthcare sector of the future. Tamara joined CLINARIS as Marketing Manager  on May 1st, 2022 and will support our team in shaping this process. Tamara comes with a master's degree in media science as well as experience in the PR department of a university hospital, where she got to know the different areas of health care. With creativity and her [...]

Our team keeps growing!

2022-04-28T13:43:28+02:0028. April 2022|

Since the beginning of the year we have 3 new software developers on board! With Faical Raji, Holger Neubauer and Mario Limberger, we were able to recruit highly qualified employees with many years of well-founded professional experience. As a senior software engineer, you will make great strides in advancing the further development of our SaaS system. You bring experience in the development of various specialist domains, both in the backend and in the frontend. Our IT project team has also [...]

Transparency and efficiency in care

2022-04-28T13:39:51+02:0028. April 2022|

With the help of HPM®, the nursing staff can minimize their search and travel times. Workflows in the hospital and in patient care are more efficient with HPM®. CLINARIS HPM® supports care processes through real-time tracking of beds and medical products. In addition to displaying the current location of available beds and other medical devices in real time, HPM® also shows details about their hygienic and technical status at a glance. This increases the security of supply and the care [...]

HPM® RFID Tracking – Safe and efficient hospital logistics

2022-04-28T13:36:37+02:0028. April 2022|

In addition to BLE technology, CLINARIS also uses RFID to track patient samples from the OR to pathology or clinical chemistry from the ward to the laboratory. After taking the sample, it is digitally registered in HPM® together with all the requirements and the recipient is informed about the order and the shipment. The time at which the samples were sent and the passage of the sample at special "waypoints" such as doors or loading points are digitally documented in [...]

Six questions for our advisor on the topic of digitalisation in hospitals

2021-07-14T12:11:28+02:0014. July 2021|

“Patient welfare has to be top priority” Dr Hans-Peter Kemmer, former Medical Director of the Lungenklinik Hemer, is now bringing in his expertise in hospital and hygiene management at Clinaris. Six questions for our new advisor on the topic of digitalisation in hospitals. How digitally savvy would you say German hospitals are? Dr Hans-Peter Kemmer: As far as digitalisation is concerned, Germany has long been running behind in quite a few areas, healthcare included. However, expedited by the Covid-19 crisis, [...]

Former Medical Director of the Pulmonary Clinic Hemer appointed as advisory board

2021-07-14T11:51:28+02:0014. July 2021|

Specialist in digital solutions for hospitals and care homes CLINARIS GmbH has appointed the distinguished Dr. med. Hans-Peter Kemmer as advisory board. The long-term Medical Director of the Pulmonary Clinic Hemer will in future support the company, which has headquarter in Garching near Munich, in both current projects and in further developing the many and diverse IoT solutions concerning bed management in hospitals, as well as real-time tracking of medical products. “We are delighted to have gained Hans-Peter Kemmer as [...]

Welcome to our new Sales Manager

2021-02-24T19:06:40+01:0024. February 2021|

We have expanded our Sales team to continue fulfilling the growing tasks, services and projects with maximum commitment. Carina Hinz joined the CLINARIS team as our new Sales Manager on February 1st, 2021. With her professional expertise, Carina Hinz will serve customers in the Western region and in Northern Germany in particular. Carina Hinz is a medical assistant and specialist in medical care and has worked for many years in the field of customer care and project management in various [...]

New Senior Hygiene Expert at CLINARIS

2021-01-22T23:22:49+01:0021. January 2021|

We are delighted to announce that Kathrin Mann has joined CLINARIS on January 1st, 2021 as our new Senior Hygiene Expert in part-time. With her professional expertise, Mrs. Mann will advise our health care customers in hygiene management issues with the digital system HPM®. Kathrin Mann is a state examined nurse, health economist (VWA), B.A. and Master of Health Business Administration (MHBA). She has been working as a self-employed hygiene specialist, lecturer and specialized author since 2013. The consultancy of [...]

Our team is growing!

2020-10-23T12:01:32+02:0023. October 2020|

We are delighted to inform you, that we have strengthened our team with the addition of four highly qualified colleagues with years of sound and specific job experience. Can Morina joined the team as IT Project Manager at the beginning of August 2020, followed in September 2020 by Nini Pik-Majdandzic as IT Project Manager as well. Most recently, Roland Rekos joined the team in October 2020 in Sales & Customer Service and Viktoria Anzenberger as Office Manager. Please find the [...]

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