“Our software applications save lives in hospitals and nursing homes.

We’re proud of that.”

Clinaris GmbH offers digital solutions for hospitals and nursing homes.
The digital application HPM® has been developed to ensure that hospital rooms and medical devices are always hygienically at the highest level. The reprocessing of hospital rooms and medical devices in use is a challenging administrative task that can be controlled in real-time with our software HPM® and documented in single steps.
Our HPM® software application works with the latest BLE tracking technology, so that the location and hygiene status of medical devices in the hospital or nursing home can be called up at any time. The digital management of the hospital room preparation to the hygienic standard not only optimizes the processes but also the personnel resources.

Based on experience from over 2,000 BLE tracking installations, Clinaris has now adapted the technology to meet the social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic in hospitals and nursing homes. The Social Distancing application ensures the minimum distance between staff, patients and visitors. If a COVID-19 infection occurs in the institution, the application can also be used to trace a chain of infection.

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