Real-Time Tracking & Status Information for Medical Devices & Rooms

“Clinaris‘ APP development is truly a great innovation in the field of hygiene. Honeywell Intelligent Life Care have been looking for an APP like HPM for the last 3 years for our nursing mobility offerings.”

Marcus Ostländer, CEO, GM Honeywell ILC, Intelligent Life Care

“To me, the hospital bed has been forgotten amongst medical devices. The reality is that you are more likely to catch an infection from a hospital bed than from an endoscope.”

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Kemmer, Medical Director, Pulmonary Hospital Hemer

Medical Devices

Our mobile Hospital Process Management (HPM) application simplifies your daily hospital routines in real time and makes your hygiene practices more transparent.

  • HPM is the result of a successful interdisciplinary collaboration between experts from different disciplines. Ongoing dialogue with users from the care, hygiene and medical technology sectors continuously shapes the dynamic development of our product.

  • HPM is a unique tool for managing and documenting processes related to the administration of medical devices, e.g. hospital beds. The key element of HPM is itemised verification of the preparation of medical devices and real-time localisation of them.

HPM in action


  • Mobile care

  • Transport

  • Treatments

  • Receipt & discharge management

  • Surveys

  • Optional services

  • E-learning & clinical info

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Facility Management & Technology

  • Facility management & technology

  • Ward & operation theatre cleaning

  • Medical device preparation

  • Reporting & management of defects

  • Technical maintenance & inspections

HPM in action

Stock Management

  • Analysis & monitoring

  • Availability & localisation

  • Technical requirements

  • E-procurement

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