HPM Protect - the social distancing solution for hospitals

The Module
Social-Distancing Warning System

With HPM Protect back to normal operation

Clinaris has developed the social distancing warning system HPM Protect for health care institutions to facilitate the return to normal operation in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the case of an infection HPM Protect enables hospitals and nursing homes to:

  • accurately identify and inform potentially infected individuals,

  • protect your personnel, patients or residents and visitors,

  • keep the rest of your institution operating,

  • present the health department a complete documentation of the infection chain

  • while relying on maximum data security.

HPM Protect utilises Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (BLE) to measure distances between individuals and the duration of their contact. Individuals carry a BLE-transmitter, which automatically registers when other BLE-transmitters come within a predefined safe distance, and for how long. When this happens, a vibration warning is triggered to protect both individuals. Since such encounters are recorded in encrypted, digital form, in the event of an infection HPM Protect allows authorised staff to make conclusions regarding the chains of contact – while still complying with legal data protection regulations.

The installation requirements are minimal: adapting the individual building merely involves fitting a small number of controllers in locations with a 220V mains connection and access to the LAN or WLAN network.

BLE-Transmitter with Clip for Individuals

  • Measures distance

  • Gives warning when too close

  • Warning via vibration/flashing LED

  • Alarm sounds immediately when configured parameters are exceeded (approach/duration/distance)

  • Records 40,000 ‘events’ – even when not connected to the system

  • Automatic function – no manual operation necessary

  • Batteries replaceable or rechargeable

  • Battery life of approx. 4 weeks

  • Precise and stable – optimised for healthcare purposes

  • Both hardware and software are in hands of a German company

Controller (Receiver)

  • Reports encounters that are too close or too long to the backend system

  • Easy intergration via wifi


  • Via PC and mobile data

  • Chains of contact can be identified

  • Authorised body can trace BLE-transmitter to the individual affected if there is an infection


  • On-site or cloud-based storage

  • Evaluates chains of contact

  • Records encounters that are too close or too long

Data Protection

  • BLE-transmitters do not record any personal data

  • Data regarding encounters that were too close or too long are encrypted and recorded without including any personal data

  • Information on location is not recorded

  • Tracing of BLE-transmitters to individuals is carried out using an especially secure translation table, which only authorised individuals can access

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