3 Questions: Andrés Herrero-Yraola, PhD

2023-05-03T11:50:29+02:003. May 2023|

As part of the interview series "3 Questions for...", Dr Andrés Herrero-Yraola, Managing Director of i2medi GmbH, talks about HPM® as a key technology for further digitalisation in the healthcare sector and the joint work with CLINARIS. 1.What is your company’s service portfolio? The i²medi group is a multinational sales and consulting company founded in 2014. i²medi has its own offices in Brazil, Colombia, Germany and Mexico. The i²medi Group specialises in developing and implementing market access for paradigm-changing innovations [...]

3 Questions: Michael Brase

2023-04-19T19:04:54+02:0019. April 2023|

DMEA 2023 will take place in Berlin from April 25 - 27. At the joint booth B-108 in Hall 2.2, CLINARIS and SPIE will showcase their digital solutions for the healthcare sector.  In our interview series "3 Questions for..." we talk to SPIE ICS CEO, Michael Brase, about digitalisation in healthcare and the joint vision of SPIE Information & Communication Services GmbH and CLINARIS GmbH.  1. What is your company’s service portfolio? On April 1, 2022, SPIE FLEISCHHAUER, SPIE TELBA, [...]

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