Specialist in digital solutions for hospitals and care homes CLINARIS GmbH has appointed the distinguished Dr. med. Hans-Peter Kemmer as advisory board. The long-term Medical Director of the Pulmonary Clinic Hemer will in future support the company, which has headquarter in Garching near Munich, in both current projects and in further developing the many and diverse IoT solutions concerning bed management in hospitals, as well as real-time tracking of medical products.

“We are delighted to have gained Hans-Peter Kemmer as a consultant, who is a qualified doctor of many years’ standing and also a recognised expert in quality and risk management in hospitals and care institutions,” says Thorsten Amann, Managing Director and co-founder of CLINARIS GmbH. “This combination of medical, organisational and technological knowledge makes Dr. Kemmer a perfect fit for us.”

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Kemmer completed his internal specialist medical training at the Uniklinik der RWTH Aachen. In 1989, he transferred to the Pulmonary Clinic Hemer, where he completed his pneumological training as a junior doctor in April 1991. After fulfilling various professional roles outside the Pulmonary Clinic, including further training as a specialist in cardiology, he returned to Hemer as a consultant in 1999. From 2001 to 2003, he pursued extra-occupational studies in hospital management and also trained in quality and change management. From 2004 until the summer of 2020, when he left the hospital, Dr. Kemmer was responsible for the tasks of Medical Director at the Pulmonary Clinic Hemer.

“When it came to the structural and organisational running of the hospital, I always gave priority to the most sensible approach for patients, which was also helpful to staff,” says Kemmer. “And even if patients do not always say so, they expect, as a right, state-of-the-art care in hospital that extends from medical treatment through service to an impeccably hygienic hospital bed. I look forward with great anticipation to working with CLINARIS on the exciting task of enabling hospitals and care institutions to have digital solutions that offer future benefits for patients, staff and stakeholders.


CLINARIS GmbH has developed HPM®, a digital solution that documents the statutorily prescribed preparation process of medical products in categories I and II and also controls hospital wards in real time and in individual steps. It optimises processes and the implementation of human resources. In addition, HPM® shows in real time the exact location for medical projects registered in the system as well as the hygienic and technical status, and monitors the statutorily prescribed maintenance and testing dates. Headquartered in Garching near Munich, CLINARIS GmbH was founded in 2014 and is one of the pioneers in digital hygiene management.