The intelligent digitalization solution HPM® by CLINARIS will connect to cobas® pulse, Roche’s digitally enabled professional blood glucose management solution, combining several health applications in one device. Using HPM® with cobas® pulse will simplify workflows and improve collaboration between nursing, hygiene, medical technology and cleaning.

Garching near Munich, Germany, May 23, 2023 – Today, CLINARIS GmbH, the software company developing the intelligent digitalization solution HPM® for the healthcare market, announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Roche Diagnostics to join the point-of-care ecosystem created by cobas® pulse.

HPM® displays the precise location, hygiene and technical status of beds and other medical devices and their actual usage – in real time. HPM® is a software-as-a-service solution (“plug and play”) that can be connected to other solutions such as CAFM (computer-aided facility management) systems via bi-directional interfaces. HPM® can be “up and running” within a few weeks. A precondition for the operation is area-wide Wi-Fi.

Nurses can comfortably use the cobas® pulse device to access and operate the digital hygiene-, process-management and real-time localization solution HPM® by CLINARIS. HPM® displays the exact location and the hygiene and technical status of medical devices and guides nurses to the nearest available device in need. HPM® also guides cleaners to devices which need cleaning and it helps technical staff to locate devices which are due for repair, servicing or testing.

Defects on devices can be reported easily with HPM® and contaminated devices, e.g. those with germs or HAIs, can be labelled clearly to make sure that they are adequately cleaned.  The occurrence of contaminated medical devices is made visible to all in HPM®  in real time, and is reported via push messages to the hygiene managers. HPM® automatically generates detailed digital documentation of the cleaning cycles of medical devices which can improve the legal positions of a hospital in case of a claim (reversal of the burden of the proof).

HPM® can help to improve efficiency and the safety of patients, visitors and staff members, explains Thorsten Amann, CEO of CLINARIS. “We see great value in being part of the point-of-care ecosystem created by cobas® pulse and look forward to assisting many healthcare institutions in improving their processes and in fighting against HAIs. Including HPM® into the point-of-care ecosystem will further simplify access to our digital solution for nurses and caregivers”, Amann added.

Working together, cobas® pulse and cobas® infinity edge create an open digital ecosystem that allows other innovations to be included in the point-of-care ecosystem. The cobas® pulse is Roche’s newest generation of connected professional blood glucose management solution, designed to improve workflows and enable better patient care. The cobas® infinity edge software equips the cobas® pulse with digital health services and benefits to help save time and reduce disruption to patient and workflow management. More information can be found at the cobas® infinity edge and cobas® pulse websites.


CLINARIS GmbH was founded in 2014. The headquarters are in Garching near Munich.

HPM® is an intelligent digital solution for the safe and efficient collaboration between nursing, hygiene, medical technology, cleaning and controlling. HPM® documents the cleaning process of medical devices in real time and displays their exact location, their hygiene- and technical status and their actual usage.