DMEA 2023 will take place in Berlin from April 25 – 27. At the joint booth B-108 in Hall 2.2, CLINARIS and SPIE will showcase their digital solutions for the healthcare sector.  In our interview series “3 Questions for…” we talk to SPIE ICS CEO, Michael Brase, about digitalisation in healthcare and the joint vision of SPIE Information & Communication Services GmbH and CLINARIS GmbH. 

1. What is your company’s service portfolio?

On April 1, 2022, SPIE FLEISCHHAUER, SPIE TELBA, SPIE COMNET and LEWRON, which have been active in the healthcare sector for decades, merged to form SPIE Information & Communication Services GmbH (SPIE ICS). We are represented by local offices at more than 30 locations throughout Germany and have approximately 1,600 employees. In the healthcare sector, we are mainly active in areas that enable smooth and secure processes: These are namely telecommunications solutions, patient entertainment, network technology, WLAN, IT security, as well as in light call systems and hazard detection systems such as fire and voice alarm systems or video or access control systems. We have built up a high level of expertise in this area, which is clearly reflected in numerous long-term business relationships with our customers based on partnership. For example, more than half of the hospitals in Germany are among our customers. We are proud of this.

2. What impact does the cooperation between SPIE ICS and CLINARIS have on the digital hospital of the future and digitalization in the healthcare sector?

We have been helping hospitals for a very long time to reliably make data available in the right places in the hospital with high-performance and secure networks. We also have many customers who use a patient entertainment solution from us at the point of care. These solutions develop their full benefit for the hospitals and patients when applications are used on them that support the processes in the hospital. We at SPIE ICS are therefore already providing the future-proof foundation for the hospital of the future. And this is exactly where the cooperation between SPIE and CLINARIS unfolds its potential. The best example of such an application is the digital solution by CLINARIS. This is why we have decided to enter into a strategic cooperation with CLINARIS, in which we want to bring HPM® to German hospitals with our Germany-wide installation and service capacities for the benefit of our customers.

3. What is your vision for the cooperation between SPIE ICS and CLINARIS?

Together with CLINARIS, we want to support the digitalisation in hospitals and thus represent an added value for our customers. Our common goal is also to further develop CLINARIS’ solutions at the development level together with our long-standing partners and thus create process synergies for hospitals. A picture of this vision can be made at DMEA 2023 on our joint booth SPIE+CLINARIS, in hall 2.2, booth B-108.

We look forward to interesting discussions and new impulses, also for our joint vision, during the hospital IT trade fair in Germany.


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