In our new interview series “3 Questions for”, we talk to people who are accompanying this transformation through their daily work. Learn more about the ideas and challenges of our interview partners. We open with Axel Schneider-Goeken, sales manager at WISAG Krankenhausreinigung GmbH & Co. KG.

1. What is your company’s service portfolio?

WISAG Krankenhausreinigung GmbH & Co.KG is the specialist unit within the WISAG Group for cleaning and services for the healthcare sector. We focus on clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, senior citizen facilities. Qutpatients’ clinics and human medical laboratories also belong to our clientele. Nationwide, more than 1,000 employees work for our customers. The main business is cleaning (and/or cleaning in sensitive environments such as operation theaters). But we also provide related services, such as bed cleaning (centralized/decentralized), ward services, pick-up and delivery services, etc., on a very high standard.

2. What does the digitalization of the healthcare industry mean to you?

On the one hand, digitalization can simply be the conversion of conventional, paper-based processes, workflows and documentation to a digital level. But on the other hand, digitalization is much more: with the help of digitalization, processes can be completely redesigned and restructured. This enables a hospital to work more economically, and it also speeds up processes and raises transparency and documentation to a completely new level.

3. What impact does the cooperation between WISAG Krankenhausreinigung and CLINARIS have on the digital hospital of the future and digitalization in the healthcare sector?

For WISAG Krankenhausreinigung, the cooperation with CLINARIS is a logical addition to our service portfolio for the customer. Our services are much more closely linked to the hospital’s core processes. With the digital solution HPM® by CLINARIS, the handling of medical devices is monitored and optimized in real time. In addition to the above benefits mentioned above, the digital documentation of cleaning processes by HPM® can improve the legal position of the healthcare facility in case of a claim. This aspect becomes increasingly important for the responsible managers.