As part of the interview series “3 Questions for…”, Dr Andrés Herrero-Yraola, Managing Director of i2medi GmbH, talks about HPM® as a key technology for further digitalisation in the healthcare sector and the joint work with CLINARIS.

1.What is your company’s service portfolio?

The i²medi group is a multinational sales and consulting company founded in 2014. i²medi has its own offices in Brazil, Colombia, Germany and Mexico. The i²medi Group specialises in developing and implementing market access for paradigm-changing innovations in the medical sector locally. This includes, in particular, activities for acceptance and the establishment of initial reference centres.

i2medi strongly believes in the potential of the modular solution HPM®, which can be perfectly adapted to local processes, for the Latin American market and actively distributes the solution.

2. What is your vision for the cooperation between i2medi and CLINARIS?

We see HPM® by CLINARIS as a key technology to further digitalise the management of medical technology and bed management in hospitals. The incorporation of the BLE infrastructure enables bed utilisation to be improved, safety checks to be simplified and unnecessary search times to be avoided.

3. What do you see as the biggest challenge and solutions in the digitalisation of healthcare?

­­ The biggest challenges for us are

a) the lack of hospital IT staff, which is indispensable for the implementation of digitalisation in hospitals

b) the still inadequate interoperability of HIS systems and other hospital IT systems

c) The lengthy administrative processes for data protection approval, which strongly slows down the speed of innovation.



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